Facebook Steps Toward Greater Localization in India

As Facebook continues to expand internationally, its crowd-sourced Translations application continues to play a vital role in making Facebook accessible to more and more people around the world. Facebook now is fully translated into 40+ languages, with 50+ more on the way.

Today, translations in several languages spoken in India went live:

According to a 2008 JuxtConsult study, 80% of India’s 35 million monthly Internet users live in urban areas. The availability of these six languages on Facebook will have less of an impact on India’s urban Internet users, many of which have already converted from Orkut (India’s dominant social networking site) to Facebook.

Many of Facebook’s 1.7 million monthly active users in India today use the site in English. Facebook’s step toward localization in India, then, will likely more affect growth figures amongst the rural Indian Internet population.

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