Facebook Statuses Are The New PDA

While public displays of affection aren't exactly a new thing, an increasing trend is the use of status updates to perform such acts.

Public Display Of AffectionWhile public displays of affection aren’t exactly a new thing, an increasing trend is the use of status updates to perform such acts.

“My wife is the cutest when she’s cranky”, reads one status update. Further down the feed is another status update from a guy about how despite looking tired and thirsty, his wife is probably her most attractive right now, to which all the guy’s female friends coo. Facebook statuses, at least among a large portion of my friends, have become a platform for public displays of affection and it appears to be going viral.

When users first join Facebook they calibrate themselves to the social norms on the site. While we all have examples of a friend who is improperly adjusted, the vast majority of people are now comfortable sharing many details of their lives on the site. Most users have also realized that self-editing and limiting statuses to specific types tends to result in the best responses from their personal network.

Talking about the food a user is eating or how much they hate their job typically isn’t the best use of a status. While there are many uses, the primary purpose has become to share the most exciting moments of our lives. Granted, there are plenty of users who fall outside the social norms, however I’ll save those individuals for a different post. For this post I simply wanted to share a single observation: the frequency of public displays of affection within status updates in my feed has increased dramatically in recent weeks.

Perhaps this my personal network is just getting hip to the whole PDA thing, but I’m curious if this is part of a much greater trend. Have you noticed an increased amount of lovey-dovey activity in your newsfeed?
Image via Brain Freeze.