Posting Facebook Status Updates Now Requires Two Clicks

Facebook Status Click IconThe changes that went along with the official beta release of Facebook Questions today make it slightly more difficult for users to write a regular status update. For users who have beta access to Facebook Questions, the old status update box is gone and it now takes two clicks to write a status update.

The new publisher tool gives users four tabs across the top – Update status, Ask question, Add photos and Post link. To write a status update, you now need to first click ‘Update status’, then write your status and submit.

The status will then appear in your timeline and friends’ news feeds but it will no longer appear next to your name on your profile page.

Similarly, it now takes two clicks to write on someone’s wall.

The status update has long been a core part of the Facebook experience, forming the backbone of the news feed on users’ home pages. It remains to be seen whether the additional step will discourage users from updating their statuses or not.