Facebook to Start Letting Employees Sell Shares

Looking to buy some hot Facebook stock? It looks like you may be able to start purchasing shares from insiders at a $4 billion valuation starting this fall according to Eric Eldon. Eric cites some “well connected” sources about this new ability to sell out early. The employees can’t sell all their shares though, only up to 20 percent for the time being.

Given the rumors of a number of employees trying to sell out early on and given that Facebook won’t be going public anytime soon there’s a good chance that a number of employees will take this option. It also provides them with an incentive to stay on longer while increasing the liquid value of their nest-egg. How are buyers going to be able to value the company exactly?

I have no idea given that buyers most likely don’t have access to internal company financials. Instead the buyers will need to rely on publicly available information that is published by the press. If you have a ton of cash and are eager to invest some of it in a hot tech “start-up”, you might want to consider purchasing some Facebook shares.

How exactly do you buy these shares? Well you can either start to randomly ping Facebook employees on the Facebook website or you can opt to try to reach out to large financial intermediaries that will most likely sell these shares on behalf of Facebook employees. Are you going to jump at the chance to buy some of these shares?

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