Facebook Is Sprucing Up Its Slideshow Ads With Text and Music

Brands can also include more images

Facebook is updating its Slideshow ads to help marketers make multimedia ads straight from their mobile phones.

This morning, the social network unveiled updates to its Slideshow product, which launched nearly a year ago, to now create the ads from the Facebook mobile app.

The unit already lets advertisers create multimedia images from still shots. However with today's updates, brands will be able to include text and music. Facebook is initially offering a range of themed audio tracks, but the company said it will soon allow brands to upload their own.

The latest version will also allow for including as many as 10 photos—a step up from the three to seven that were allowed in the beginning. Footage can be taken from brand photos, still images from video or from Facebook stock images.

According to Facebook, the format has been beneficial for both large and small businesses operating in regions with slower internet connections. Advertisers can then combine their Slideshow with 2G targeting.

Brands who use Slideshow say they're seeing results. In a Facebook blog post announcing today's updates, sock company Stance reported seeing cost per acquisition decrease by 48 percent, clickthrough rates increased 2.42 times, and return on ad spend allow increase by 1.48 times. Unilever has also been using Slideshow for its Paddle Pop ice cream brand in Indonesia. The brand took stills from its TV ad and repurposed them for a mobile audience. The company didn't share any numbers, but said it made for a faster load time that was five times lighter than the average video ad.

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