Facebook Sponsored Stories Increase CTR By 46%

A new reports suggests that Facebook's sponsored stories provide a dramatic performance boost for advertisers.

Facebook’s new sponsored story advertising format has a 46 percent higher click-through rate than other ads offered by the site, according to a report.

This comes from TBG Digital, which studied a 10-day period during which 2 billion ad impressions were run.

The result was that cost per click was decreased by 20 percent. It also appears as though the sample ad campaigns tested were used to acquire Facebook fans for 18 percent less than before.

Sponsored stories were first rolled out in January of this year, but this is the first substantial report that documents the impact of the new ad units.

Just last week Facebook released three new sponsored story types, some of which will probably boost the numbers from this study even more.

While the cost decreased, this reports suggests that sponsored stories could help boost Facebook’s revenue as advertisers look to improve the overall performance of their advertisements.

Historically, Facebook has been criticized for extremely low click-through rates, as social media users typically don’t pay as much attention to ads.

However, sponsored stories clearly help boost ad performance, which is great news for Facebook, as it is continuously seeking new sources of revenue.

Readers, do these numbers pique your interest in sponsored stories?