Facebook SPMD Spruce Media launches post-install, mobile app ROI optimization technology

Spruce650Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer Spruce Media announced that the company has launched technology that allows advertisers to optimize their return on ad spend on Facebook mobile app install ads.

This would allow clients to run mobile app install ads on Facebook and optimize bids and allocation of budgets in real-time, based on how the creative and target audience is performing against actual revenue measurement, instead of a cost-per-install. Currently, 40 percent of Spruce Media’s business through Facebook is on mobile, but it estimates that it could grow to 50 percent by the end of the year.

Andrew McDermott, Spruce Media’s Vice President of Product, discussed the product with Inside Facebook:

By partnering with the best of breed analytics companies like Apsalar, AD-X (Part of Criteo), Adeven and Kochava, we are able to architect an integration that requires absolutely no dev work from the application developers. A developer could literally send us an email today and be live tomorrow, optimizing to purchase events, not installs, without talking to their engineers. That’s the type of technology that we love to bring to the market.

Mobile app install ads have been a great success for Facebook advertisers, and a major source of revenue for the site as well. According to Spruce Media, this measurement solution will bridge the gap for marketers who are struggling to scale their ad spend and drive profitable mobile app installs. The technology will also make it a more sustainable and scalable media channel for many mobile application developers.