The 20 Most Entertaining Facebook someecards

There’s a plethora of slogan t-shirt and witty e-greeting card companies on the Web, though only a few publishers like Someecards get to the heart of the human condition about our social media addictions, especially to Facebook. Someecards’ collection of e-greetings covers several topics, but we took special notice of their Facebook-related selection. The cards combine words that get to the nut of our Facebook behavior, along with some past-century advertising images. Here are the 20 most popular Facebook-related e-greeting cards at We hope you find these as amusing as we did.

1. Birthday

[That’s just a perk of being one of my real-life friends.]

2. Birthday

[Didn’t you get my last dozen Facebook invites?]

3. Birthday

[I know, I’ll build a Facebook app to automatically write birthday wishes on Friends’ Walls, then let others use it and make more money than Zynga makes with FarmVille!]

4. Confession

[Dad, please stop friending all my girlfriends!]

5. Congratulations

[Okay, not everyone with a lot of Facebook friends is needy, but we’re just sayin’…]

6. Somewhat ..

[Maybe you should start with Black History Month, ease in real slow?]

7. Flirting

[So I have, like, 300 unread messages, 500 Group/ Fan Page updates, 35 Alerts, and 1 Poke. How about you? What else can we talk about?]

8. Friendship

[You’re on my Facebook Friend List marked “Special,” and I promise never to “Hide” your updates.]

9. Workplace

[And can I have an extra 24″ monitor? You know to research, um, photo album privacy issues?]

10. Valentine’s Day

[We can even create an exclusive “Hidden” Facebook Group that only you and I are members of.]

11. Sympathy

[Hey don’t feel bad if you didn’t know about the new privacy settings. Even Mark Zuckerberg forgot to protect his own party pictures, and he only cofounded Facebook.]

12. Valentine’s Day

[If you’re lucky, I might even Super Poke you.]

13. Friendship

[Ok, I admit I did Poke her once after IMing her.]

14. Breakup

[And do you mind if I tag a photo or two of you, once in a while?]

15. TGIF

[So can you recommend me to them as a friend already so that I can create a Facebook event and invite them?]

16. Thanks

[Thank goodness Facebook is soon going to let us first approve when someone tags horrible or compromising pics of us.]

17. Workplace

[And don’t forget all the social features. This could be bigger than Mafia Wars!]

18. Encouragement

[For now, you can just view my status updates in your Feed.]

19. Confession

[Well at least I didn’t waste my day tweeting on Twitter.]

20. Friendship

[You can find my Facebook vanity URL on my Twitter profile.]

Do you have beefs and pet peeves about your Facebook friends and their IMing, poking, inviting, liking, and sharing behaviors? Let us know in the comments, or go make your own someecards.