Facebook SocialAds Now Opt-Out

If you hadn’t noticed already, once in a while your friends’ photos have been showing up on ads promoting applications and fan pages. Many were turned off by those ads complaining that making money off of our profiles is crossing the line. Well this morning Facebook’s new privacy settings went live and with it came the option to now opt-out of the personalized SocialAds that leverage our profile picture.

This is a significant step by Facebook, highlighting that Facebook has granted a higher priority to user privacy over monetization. This is an encouraging step and greatly welcomed considering there wasn’t much controversy over the ads as they existed. With the new changes also comes some confusion. This morning I looked through my privacy settings and I can no longer seem to find individuals who I had set to limited profile access.

Aside from that, users have been granted more granular privacy settings and can specify various settings for each friend list. This is what I had been expecting when Facebook added the friend list feature. This means that in theory all of my professional contacts will no longer be able to access my photos and I can start posting those photos of my crazy times in college. Yes!!! These new settings have theoretically transformed Facebook making it possible to manage all of my contacts from one site.