Facebook simplifies process for apps to incorporate Open Graph actions

Facebook today announced some changes to make it easier for developers to add Open Graph actions to their apps, including making it possible for apps to publish common actions without any configuration.

Facebook made it so that actions such as read, watch, listen and run — known as “common” or “built-in” actions — can be implemented directly using code it provides. Developers no longer have to configure these actions in the platform’s Open Graph tools. Developers can simply choose the action they want to include and the SDK their app uses, and Facebook will generate the appropriate code in the API reference section of its developer site. However, all app actions, including common ones, will need to be reviewed and approved by Facebook before going live.

Facebook has also streamlined the tool for creating custom Open Graph actions and introduced a feature for developers to preview how their app stories will appear in News Feed. The new UI is much easier to understand and seems to better guide developers through the process of creating and implementing their own unique Open Graph actions.

Another new feature for developers is the Collections tool. Apps can display all the objects a user interacts with in a box on the new About page of a person’s Timeline. For example, Soundcloud can show the recent “sounds” a user plays or Foursquare can show the top places a user has checked into. Developers can decide whether these appear in a list, a gallery or a map view. Facebook will allow developers to preview the collections they create.