Facebook Shuts Down SocialReach For Violating Platform Terms

Last night Facebook took aggressive action to stop the increased level of application Facebooks ads that are in violation of Facebook’s terms by shutting down SocialReach. As I’ve been covering for the past few days, the volume of spam ads on Facebook have been increasing over the past few weeks. Some developers have even been reporting substantial jumps in revenue from these ad networks which is understandable considering how aggressive the ads are. Around midnight last night the company sent out the following letter to all publishers:

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Facebook Publishers:

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are being forced to
temporarily pause our advertisements on the Facebook platform.

Please remove our ad tags from all of your Facebook applications by
9pm PST tonight.

We apologize for the short notice however this is beyond our control
and we hope to continue Facebook operations again in the near future.

Note: We will still be accepting traffic from all other sites.

Phillip H
Director of Sales & Business Development
SocialReach, LP

We’ve also been notified that SocialHour was shut down. Both companies have been the most aggressive ad networks on the platform and we’ve been expecting Facebook to take some sort of action. Last week after posting about the rise in aggressive ads, Facebook notified us, stating that, “We’ve received some reports of deceptive content in ads placed within apps by developers. These ads are not from Facebook but we are concerned about any potential threat to our users’ experience. We have already had the ads removed from a number of apps. We are continuing to investigate to make sure these ads stay off Facebook and may take further action against developers who host the ads.”

Facebook recently updated their advertising guidelines to include the following statement which may be part of the reason behind the surge in aggressive ads:

Subscription Services

  • The advertisement of Subscription Services must comply with the conditions noted below and as determined by Facebook in its sole discretion. “Subscription Services” may include sites that promote downloading ringtones, wallpaper, or text messages for predictions, love life advice, news, personality quizzes, or other entertainment services or any site that induces a user to sign up for recurring billing of a product or service.

Some have been pointing us toward aggressive advertisements that are running on Facebook. We haven’t been able to confirm this yet though so we’ll be sure to post if we have an update. We’ll be reaching out to Facebook for more information on the ad networks being banned and will update this post with anything we hear back.