4 In 5 Say Facebook Didn't Influence Holiday Shopping

Facebook commerce isn't living up to the hype: Only nine percent of U.S. shoppers purchased anything via social media this holiday season.

Facebook commerce still isn’t living up to the hype: Only nine percent of U.S. shoppers bought anything on social media this holiday season and just one in five had a purchasing decision informed that way.

That’s based on a survey of 1,032 U.S. shoppers by Baynote, which noted a 2.9 percent margin of error. The timeframe considered in the survey spanned from the Cyber Monday through Christmas eve.

Shoppers found the best product recommendations via search engines and email, beyond what social media and even commerce sites offered.

Similarly, coupons delivered via email, postal mail and search engines proved more helpful than daily deal sites and social networks, Baynote found.

The seeming sluggishess in people’s adoption of social commerce brings to mind early reactions to Internet commerce.

Not that long ago people were leery of sharing their credit-card information with online retailers, but this year, shopping on the web proved so popular that retailers tried to introduce a second Cyber Monday to try to capture more of the action with free shipping on purchases made that day.

So the question to ask is not whether Facebook commerce will take off but when — how many years from now before it becomes standard?