How 4 Apparel Brands Make Shopping Cool On Facebook

A few urban clothing brands do it better than others when it comes to Facebook. Here's a look at the strategies that make the following four apparel pages pop.

A few urban clothing brands do it better than others when it comes to Facebook. Here’s a look at the strategies that make the following four apparel pages pop.


Rocawear defines the lifestyle for today’s young hip consumer offering a variety of jewelry, fragrances, outerwear, dresses and more; so the company’s Facebook strategy reflects this with varied content and original promotions.

Quite often Rocawear’s page shares relevant photos, videos and polls about their own products, celebrity happenings, recent events and insights into the hip hop culture.

This varied content is super enticing for existing fans to interact with, simple because people are visual and enjoy looking at photos and videos.

As a result, Rocawear has more than one percent of its audience “talking about this” brand on Facebook; one percent may seem low, but for the mainly passive Facebook audience this is hard to achieve.

Why is the content they share more enticing than other pages? In the screenshot above, you can see how Rocawear shared a branded YouTube video that highlights the Dynamic Diplomats of Double Dutch. The post simply asks “Can you do this?”

It’s a straightforward call to action in 17 characters asking users if they can double dutch themselves, tempting fans to leave a comment to an easy question. The video is simple, clear and short, just like the attention span of a Facebook fan.

Rocawear not only included the YouTube video in the link function from the Facebook wall, but also added a custom shortened URL to the post giving users another way of reaching the video and watching it. Since the URL was shortened, it’s helpful that it was customized to say “thatsrwdynamic.”

This helps Facebook users have a better understanding of where this shortened link will take them if they click. Posts like this help increase clicks on their shared links, interactions with their posts, views on their videos and ultimately more visibility for Rocawear.

Baby Phat

As the premier metropolitan fashion brand, Baby Phat has consistently remained digital savvy with its outreach efforts throughout the years.

The company’s Facebook page features both engaging content and a one of a kind Facebook shopping experience. Facebook e-commerce is still in it’s early stages for a few reasons, but nevertheless Baby Phat is ahead of the curve with their custom shopping platform directly on its page.

The retailer believes that when Facebook users are browsing the network they prefer to stay within the site and not be sent off to an external website, especially when it’s unexpected.

This way fans can stay on Facebook and still have the opportunity to buy their favorite Baby Phat products. The shopping application isn’t merely an extension of the website but a fully functioning store suited to the Facebook platform.

Overall their page provides value to its fans, turning them into repeat visitors and occasional shoppers.

Ecko Unltd

Visually branding your Facebook page goes a long way towards gaining the trust of your existing and prospective fans, making your page an enticing destination with valuable content.

As a global fashion and urban life style brand Ecko Unltd offers a consistent branded experience on Facebook, similar to its other marketing channels.

They’ve utilized the photo banner at the top of their page to include custom images of their logo in a graffiti font, echoing their brands feel in another place for fans to see.

These five images consistently change position, so Ecko Unltd took this into account when utilizing their photo banner ensuring that no matter the order the same branded message appears.


Having custom tabs throughout your Facebook page can help give your fans a variety of destinations and resources to peruse, so that people keep coming back.

Timberland’s variety of tabs on its Facebook page accurately reflects their drive to encourage conversations around their page and subsequently their brand.

The company uses a photo contest tab that aims to bring higher levels of interaction from new and old fans alike, tempting fans to upload photos of their mountain chic style.

This tab, known as The Girlfriend Getaway Sweepstakes, is targeting the female audience members of the Timberland empire offering select fans Timberland boots or a weekend giveaway.

Promotions have proven to increase engagement on Facebook time and time again, Timberland is no exception to the rule.

Some of the other tabs, focus on various product lines Timberland offers, like the Original Boot.

The tabs give fans another look at the products they’ve come to know and love, but with the ability to share their experiences and memories with this product.

The Earthkeepers, Plant Trees and Timberland Hortiscope tabs all feature a variety of nature related content, giving fans another perspective on the Timberland brand.

Each tab gives fans a unique way to connect with the page and share their experience either by watching videos, creating a virtual forest or by taking a quiz.

Brian Honigman is a social media account manager at LunaMetrics.