Facebook Settles New York Probe

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Facebook was subpoenaed by the New York Attorney General has now settled after being accused of making claims “that youngsters there are safer from sexual predators than at most sites.” According to Bloomberg.com

Blumenthal, Connecticut’s top law enforcement officer, wants Facebook to implement reforms including verifying user age and identity, filtering sexually explicit, racist or violent content and hiding minors’ profiles from adults. The coalition will explore options including “possible legal action,” he said.

While Facebook has settled with the Attorney General’s office, they have yet to settle with a coalition of U.S. states that would like there to be more safeguards. All this comes on the heels of recent reports that showed a majority of underage internet users had been approached by strangers online. A smaller percentage of those individuals felt uncomfortable after being approached.

Both Facebook and MySpace have come under fire after accused child sex offenders appeared on the sites. MySpace has taken action by banning these individuals from their site. They have also submitted a list of those individuals to the Attorney General’s office. This is going to be an ongoing battle as the states fight for access to information from the closed social networks in order to protect the public.