Facebook Settles Hacking Suit Against Canadian Adult Site for $500k

Adult website operator SlickCash, sued by Facebook for attempting to hack Facebook’s servers and steal user information in 2007, has settled the suit with Facebook for $500,000, according to the Canadian Press. As part of the deal, SlickCash employees have agreed not to become members of Facebook for the next 10 years.

Facebook accused SlickCash of hitting the Facebook servers with hundreds of thousands of requests in a coordinated attempt to obtain the contact information of its millions users. While we do not know exactly how much Facebook user information SlickCash was able to obtain, the company has also agreed not to contact any Facebook users whose contact info it obtained as part of the settlement.

The case underscores the role users are trusting Facebook to play in protecting their privacy. Facebook contains much more personally identifiable information than any other web site (and possibly government intelligence agency) for many of its 80 million active users.