Facebook Sets March 6th Date for Developers to Restrict Alcoholic Ads & Virtual Gifts

Back in November, Facebook announced an update to its platform terms of service with respect to alcohol advertising that allowed developers to place ads for alcoholic beverages for the first time – as long as they used Facebook’s Demographic Restrictions functionality to prevent access to alcohol related ads by anyone under 21.

At the same time, Facebook announced that starting early this year it would require that “all content related to alcoholic beverages — including unbranded, generic drink images — be available only under Demographic Restriction.” This meant that developers allowing users to do things like “sending a drink” or other kinds of alcoholic themed virtual goods would now need to use Demographic Restrictions as well.

While the deadline for developers to implement these restrictions was originally set for early January, that date was pushed back while Facebook finalized the policy and APIs, taking developer feedback from early beta tests into account. Facebook recently announced that the new deadline has been set for March 6th.

Full details on alcohol content policies can be found on the Facebook Developer Wiki here.