Facebook Set to Launch Jobs Board in August

According to a FINS press release, Facebook has sights set on launching its own job board in August. Essentially, Facebook users will have access to search job postings aggregated from third-party providers.

According to insiders, three job posting companies already involved will be BranchOut, JobVite and Work4 Labs. It sounds like Facebook won’t monetize the service at first though it’s unclear as to whether they have plans to cash in at all down the road.

So, essentially it’s too early to tell how this will impact job seekers since it’s not known if the social media site will include postings into news feeds or if job postings will appear somewhere else on the site entirely, or both.

An insider revealed in the press release, “It doesn’t feel like a big effort that they’ve worked on for a long time. It feels lightweight.”

According to a blog post on ERE, this news isn’t lightweight at all. “It’s definitely a big deal,” said Lars Schmidt, director of talent acquisition for media non-profit NPR.

Schmidt told the site, “Facebook has the potential to be a huge player in recruiting and employer brand marketing.”