Facebook Sending Perez Hilton More Traffic than Google, Driving 3.3% of All US Traffic to Video Sites

For media companies evaluating their Facebook marketing strategy, here’s an interesting sign of the times: web analytics firm Hitwise is reporting that, for the first time ever, Facebook drove more traffic to PerezHilton.com than Google did in January – 8.70% to 7.62% of visits.

Furthermore, Liz Gannes over at NewTeeVee asked Hitwise for numbers on the US traffic Facebook sends to video sites overall. The answer? As of February 2009, Facebook is driving over 3.3% of all US traffic to online video sites.

In other words, Facebook is becoming a major content sharing and distribution platform.

According to Facebook, 28 million pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photos, etc.) are shared by Facebook users each month. Through the power of Facebook’s feed system, these items collectively get billions of views as links are syndicated out to friends’ News Feed.

With the launch of Facebook’s new real-time home page this Wednesday, the pace of real-time viral content distribution on Facebook is likely to increase. Facebook certainly hopes that will mean more traffic to the applications and websites which encourage users to share content on their Facebook profiles.

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