Facebook Seeks More Staff In Washington D.C.

Facebook wants to hire a public policy expert and a deputy press spokesperson in Washington D.C.

Facebook wants to fill more seats in its Washington D.C. office. This would expand the presence in the capitol to eight people.

The company has openings for a public policy guru and a deputy press spokesperson, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek. Said news outlet and many others point to the topic of privacy as a motivation for staffing up.

Privacy has certainly driven a lot of headlines lately, including this week’s “don’t track list” proposed by the Federal Trade Commission, but it’s possible the staffing increase may follow a more general economic pattern.

Simply put, when companies reach a certain size, they grow their Washington D.C. offices. Facebook’s traffic has grown more than 55 percent this past year. A year ago, the company didn’t have a Washington D.C. office.

The head of the office has a general economist background: Marne Levine, a former aide to Larry Summers, director of the president’s economic council, joined this summer with the title vice president of global policy.

The company already has one spokesperson in D.C., Andrew Noyes, who before joining about a year ago had covered the FTC for years, including at the National Journal.

Facebook officials declined to comment on the record about whether and when they might respond to the FTC’s don’t track proposal, which concerns consumer privacy.

However, the FTC tends to make comments public soon after they are submitted, so it should be fairly easy for us to obtain a copy of anything the company might say in response.

What do you make of Facebook’s growing presence in Washington D.C.?

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