Rumor: Facebook Security Breach Results in Lawsuit

I have been tipped off that there could be a major lawsuit announced in the coming days regarding security at Facebook. Much of this revolves around Facebook’s lack of privacy controls within their company and that significant data has been leaked. As published on the Jobmatchbox blog, according to a Facebook insider, “privacy controls at Facebook are non-existant.” Any employee within the company has full access to your messages and account information. Technically, they can even login as you and impersonate you. This is not going to bode well for Facebook.

Facebook opened up the platform, but the entire site has been completely open for Facebook employees since the beginning. A comparison of the privacy policies of Facebook, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft proves that Facebook does absolutely nothing to restrict internal employee access of information while each of the competitors restrict employee access to personal information unless it is critical for their job. This could result in a massive security leak at Facebook. I’ve had AOL employees tell me of their lack of access to user data and analytics of anything outside of their department.

I cannot start to explain how bad of a business practice this is. Facebook is going to be in some serious trouble as they rush to build an internal system for restricting access to information. A large portion of the money that Facebook is supposedly raising is going to end up being spent on legal fees. All I can say is wow!

Just to clarify my tip did not come from someone at the Jobmatchbox blog. The information regarding security issues did. Additionally, I have since found out that the lawsuit information was not accurate and should not have been published. Next time there will surely be a verifiable source.

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