Facebook Second Only to Google in Driving Web Video Traffic

Facebook now drives more Web video traffic than any other Internet property other than Google. Most video is consumed during the week, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But people watch longer videos on the weekends, with the lengthiest Web-video sessions happening via videogame consoles rather than PCs or mobile devices.

Those are some of the findings from the latest Online Video and the Media Industry Quarterly Research Report jointly issued by the online video technology firm Brightcove and the analytics company TubeMogul. The companies said they pulled video-usage data from close to 2,000 news and entertainment sites during the third quarter of this year.

Among the more interesting findings was that Facebook now refers 9.5 percent of all video traffic (meaning that Facebook links to a whole lot of videos, not that the site necessarily hosts those video views). Previously Yahoo held the No. 2 slot in this category, according to Brightcove and TubeMogul’s data. However, both companies trail Google by a huge margin, as the search giant accounted for more than half of all video referrals in Q3 (though that number was down versus Q2, when Google drove over 60 percent of views).

Interestingly, while Web users are doing a lot more video sharing with friends via Facebook and other social sites, a lot of that socializing appears to be happening at the office. The report found that video usage peaked on Wednesdays during Q3, though average minutes per view spiked on Fridays.

Yet when users want to lean back and watch longer pieces of video content—it happens mostly on the weekends, the report found, on devices other than computers. Game consoles, which are increasingly being connected to the Internet and TVs, averaged 2:45 minutes per viewing session in Q3, found the report. Web video sites came in second with an average session of 2:27 minutes per view.

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