Facebook search takes users to specific sections of App Center

Facebook users can now search for app categories from Facebook’s main search bar and be led directly to those sections of App Center.

Facebook representatives did not tell us when exactly the social network added app categories to search, but the function doesn’t seem to have been around since the App Center launch in June. Facebook product manager Matt Wyndowe told us in September that the company was looking into ways to make App Center more navigable and integrated into other areas of Facebook.

Facebook introduced a new search within App Center last month, allowing users to not only find apps by name but also by keyword such as “cars” or “fitness.” It wasn’t until recently that we discovered a way to use the main Facebook search function as a shortcut to specific sections of App Center. Categories include action games, board games, card games, puzzle games, strategy games, lifestyle apps, photo apps and more. Users can also jump to the “mobile apps” or “games” sections through search.

People typically use Facebook search to find friends, apps and pages, but it can also be used to get around the site, for instance, jumping to their photos section, notes, friend lists, the ads manager, Help Center and more. It’s useful to now have App Center indexed as well. Search is an area where Facebook has always been lacking but has a major opportunity. We’ve seen the social network making a number of changes that show its interest in improving this area.

The addition of App Center categories to search could also lead more users to the dashboard. In early October, Facebook said 220 million people visit App Center each month. Users have been prompted to visit with links on the login page and above News Feed, as well as in the bookmarks bar on the left-hand side of the homepage.