Facebook Search Now Comes With A Little More Bing

Facebook has been beta testing its new search since June 16th and more recently the company began displaying search engine result pages (SERPs) that have a greater emphasis on Bing results. While many of you are looking for a little more bling to add to your attire, Facebook thinks that for the time being you’ll be satisfied with a little more Bing. The Bing results used to be displayed primarily in the “Sponsored Results” area but now they have their own section of the results page.

So how significant of a change is this? Very big (I’m currently holding my hand out very wide to illustrate the massive impact of this change). While Facebook’s new search results page resembles Twitter’s search results page, there are many more components including posts from friends, applications, Facebook Pages, and people depending on what you search.

When Microsoft made their $240 million investment at a $15 billion dollar valuation, integrating search appeared to be part of the deal. Now we’re finally beginning to see early signs of that. While the Bing search results still show up below the other results (and “below the fold”), it’s a much greater presence than before. It will be difficult to determine what the impact of these repositioned results are but it’s not surprising given Microsoft’s drive to increase the promotion of Bing.

At this point we can only speculate why Bing has been given a greater presence but as I mentioned before, it most likely has something to do with Microsoft’s large investment in Facebook. Have you been using Bing at all recently? Will this greater emphasis on Bing results get you to try the rebranded search engine? Do you have access to the new version of Facebook search yet or are you still waiting?

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