Facebook Search Will Soon Have More Bing

While Facebook is in the midst of rolling out their homepage to more than 400 million Facebook users, the company is also preparing to upgrade their search product through a greater integration with Bing. We’ve written extensively about the opportunity for Facebook to upgrade their search product (what we called at the time the “real social search engine“). It appears that Bing will be a greater part of Facebook’s search product for the time being.

As John Tinter wrote on the Bing blog yesterday:

[W]e have deepened our joint work together on web search to provide even more compelling experiences to Facebook users with Bing. As part of this expanded cooperation in search, our two companies will soon provide Facebook users with a more complete search experience by providing full access to great Bing features beyond a set of links, including richer answers combined with tools that help customers make faster, smarter decisions.

John also confirmed that Microsoft has also stopped serving Facebook ad inventory, something that we highlighted last month. Whether or not the loss of Facebook’s advertising business is a major black eye for Microsoft, the new search product is a great opportunity for the two companies to further solidify their relationship.

While few details have been released about how the new search will work, Facebook employees have suggested that there will be a greater emphasis on how search results pertain to you in relation to the social graph. For now, we’ll have to wait and see how this project proceeds. We expect Facebook to provide more details about the new search once the new Facebook design has been completely rolled out to users.

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