Universal Creates Scavenger Hunt For Facebook Credits

The day after Zynga announced a forthcoming scavenger hunt game, Universal Pictures said it will come out with one to promote a film coming out in November.

While the characters in upcoming Universal Pictures feature film Tower Heist attempt to steal back $20 million from a Wall Street swindler, Facebook users can aim for heists of their own by divvying up one million Facebook Credits.

This comes one day after Zynga announced its own scavenger hunt game, “Hidden Chronicles,” but Universal’s “Heist It Back” has some strong celebrity branding by virtue of the movie cast including Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller.

And Universal teamed up with commerce provider Ifeelgoods and digital agency The Branding Farm on the Heist promotion.

“Heist” buttons will be hidden on Facebook pages and within ads on the social network.

People who discover the buttons and click on them will receive Facebook Credits, which can be used during game play, for the purchase of virtual goods, or in other Facebook applications.

Tower Heist opens in theaters November 4. The plot: victims of a Wall Street swindler attempt to steal their $20 million back from his “tower.”

Universal Pictures, Ifeelgoods, and The Branding Farm will promote Heist It Back online, on-air, and via in-theater messaging.

The movie studio’s Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing, Doug Neil, said:

Creating engaging experiences that bring a film’s story to life online is our mission. We view “Heist It Back” as an innovative way to allow fans to interact with Tower Heist‘s characters and storyline, have fun by participating in their own heist on Facebook, and earn valuable credits that enrich their experiences online.

Readers, have you found any Heist buttons yet?