Facebook says more about profile page tabs

Part of Facebook’s upcoming profile redesign involves the addition of tabs – including application-specific tabs – to the profile page. While Facebook will install Wall, Info, and Photos tabs on every user’s profile (and perhaps a tab for all your current application boxes) by default, users will also be able to add (at least 2 or 3) tabs for specific applications to their profile page.

new facebook profile page tabs

This morning, Facebook released more information about how this may look and work. According to Facebook,

There isn’t a set template for what these tabs will look like, but we still thought it would be valuable to share the general idea of how this concept might work.

If you take a look at the top of the screenshot, clicking on the “+” sign will enable you to add a new tab. This will bring up a list of your added applications, and you will be able to choose which one you want to add to its own tab, if any. App developers are now designing new layouts for what their application will look like on these new tabs so we hope to be able to share an example of this soon. If you have a favorite application, you might want it to have more visibility than just a small box on your profile. This will also give application developers more room to add interesting features and functionality that lets you share more information about yourself on your profile.

Profile page tabs are a major new point of integration that has not previously existed in Facebook’s “profile box” world. If or how apps will be able to prompt users to add tabs has not yet been announced.