Facebook roundup: Yahoo patent dispute resolved with new partnership; stock rises, same-sex marriage icons and more

Facebook and Yahoo have resolved their patent disputes out of court, agreeing to cross-license their patent portfolios and begin a new advertising partnership, according to a press release. All Things D, which broke the news this morning, says the settlement does not involve any payment between the companies. Facebook will license a little more than half of Yahoo’s digital patent portfolio and agree not to sue on the remaining ones, which Facebook can license or buy in the future. The companies will partner on “premium media experiences promoted and distributed across both Yahoo and Facebook,” the press release says. All Things D reports that Yahoo will be the first partner able to show users’ Likes in its display advertising.

Facebook stock up slightly this week – Facebook shares closed at $31.73 today, up 2 percent this week. The stock traded as low as $30.55 on Monday, but was back up today with news that the company ended its legal battle with Yahoo and formed a strategic partnership with the company.

Facebook could launch job board – Facebook may be planning to launch its own job board later this summer, according to Wall Street Journal sources. The job board would aggregate the job postings of third-party providers, making them available for search by Facebook users, according to the report. Facebook did not comment on the rumors. The social network announced a partnership in October with the U.S. Labor Department and other partners to provide job-hunting resources. At the time, Facebook said that the “partnership will explore and develop systems where new job postings can be delivered virally through the Facebook site at no charge.” This rumored job board could be part of that effort.

Facebook recognizes gay married couples with new icons – Facebook has created new same-sex marriage icons to provide recognition for users who are married to a person of the same sex. Users who have indicated on Timeline that they are married will now display the new same-sex marriage icons, rather than the marriage icon used for straight married couples.

Facebook invests in underwater Internet cable – Facebook has invested in the Asia Pacific Gateway, a 6,214-mile undersea cable designed to improve Internet speeds for citizens and businesses in the region, the BBC reports. The fiber-optic cable will run directly from Malaysia to South Korea and Japan, with links branching off to other countries.

Facebook launches App Center in U.K. – Facebook continues to roll out its App Center, this week bringing the new mobile and desktop experience to users in the United Kingdom, according to Journalism.co.uk.