Facebook roundup: Sponsored Stories settlement, mobile ads, FBX and more

Facebook notifies class action suit members about settlement – Facebook began sending proposed settlement notices to users it believes are members of a class action lawsuit that entitles them to up to $10 in compensation. The suit, which claimed Facebook unlawfully used members’ names and photos in Sponsored Story advertisements, resulted in a $20-million settlement, which was granted preliminary approval last month. Now Facebook is emailing class members to let them know they can file a claim and receive up to $10 depending on how many claims are made and other factors. A fairness hearing over the matter will be held on June 28. Users can find more information on the Fraley Facebook Settlement website.

Privacy flaw disrupts New Year’s Midnight Delivery service – Before New Year’s Eve, Facebook created an application for users to write messages that would be delivered at midnight on the holiday. A business IT student found a security flaw that allowed anyone to see other users’ messages by manipulating the ID number of the confirmation page URL. It was even possible to delete other users’ messages until Facebook took down the page and fixed the loophole. However, the service still suffered from some issues. We found that messages that were supposed to be sent at the stroke of midnight were not actually delivered until hours later.

Chinese RTB platform accesses FBX – Chinese real-time bidding platform iPinYou can now access Facebook Exchange inventory, according to China Daily. iPinYou says there are a large number of Chinese advertisers that want to reach an international audience through Facebook, such as exporters and travel companies. Facebook is blocked in China by the government, though an estimated 63.5 million Chinese users are getting around the ban by using proxy servers.

Facebook’s mobile app install ads continue to perform – Facebook mobile app install ads are one of the most engaging and effective ad placements on the platform, according to AdParlor, which shared some recent results. The company managed a four-week campaign on behalf of a global gaming company and found average clickthrough rates of 0.5 percent and higher. AdParlor also looked at how average cost per install rates for an iOS RPG game varied by region, and found a range between $2.24 and $2.88.