Facebook Roundup: Skype, Al Jazeera, Video, Mobile, Fusion-io, Music, LinkedIn, Death and More

Facebook, Skype Rumored to be in Talks – There’s a rumor going around that Skype and Facebook are going to partner to allow users to make calls within Facebook.

Al Jazeera Show Will Script From Facebook – A new show on the Al Jazeera English network, “The Stream,” is set to take its content cues from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube streams, rather than its own script.

Justin.tv’s Socialcam Mobile App Shares Video – Justin.tv launched a mobile app called Socialcam to allow users to share videos from their iPhones and Android devices. Users will be able to log into Facebook and share videos via Facebook, as well as other social networks.

Fusion-io’s IPO Helped by Facebook – Fusion-io, a company that uses flash memory to speed up data storage has filed by an IPO, helped in part by the fact that Facebook is a big customer. According to AllThingsD, 80% of Facebook’s Prineville, Ore. data center hardware runs Fusion-io technology, the same will be true of the Rutherford facility in North Carolina.

RootMusic Raises $800K – RootMusic raised $800,000 this week, taking total funding to $3.1 million. Now the company is set to further develop its app to make RootMusic synonymous with music on the Facebook platform.

A Quarter of LinkedIn Friends are on Facebook – A study by MyWebCareer found that 23% of LinkedIn connections are also on Facebook, making it difficult to keep professional and personal lives separate.

BackType Raises $1M – BackType, which offers a free social media analytics dashboard, raises more than $1 million from True Ventures, K9 Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Lowercase Capital, 500 Startups, Founder Collective, Raymond Tonsing and more, according to TechCrunch. The company previously raised $315,000.

Path Photo App Integrates Facebook – Path, an iPhone photo app, has integrated Facebook sharing, along with other features.

PunchTab Releases Mobile App, SolidPunch – PunchTab released an iPhone app, SolidPunch, which allows users to reward Facebook friends for the favors they do for you. The app uses Facebook Connect and allows users to “punch” a virtual ticket of sorts, once the friend does 6 favors, users may send friends a free PunchTab coupon. [Image via TechCrunch]

Context Optional, Websense Partner for Security – Context Optional and Websense have partnered to provide security services for Context Optional’s Social Marketing Suite. Websense’s Defensio product can help guard against socially engineered attacks.

Vain Women Have Bigger Facebook Networks – A study by Michael A. Stefanone in the journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking found that women who base a lot of self-worth on their appearance share more photos online and have larger social networks. Facebook, then, becomes a platform for them to compete with other women for attention. There’s a video in which he explains.

Live On Facebook After You Die – An app from Israeli startup Willook, If I Die, allows users to create a video or text message to be published to your Wall after you die. The app works by asking users to select three friends from Facebook to confirm your death, if they all do, the message will publish.