Facebook Roundup: Sandberg, Syria, Underage Users, Promotion Guidelines, LinkedIn, Winklevoss Twins and More

Facebook COO Sandberg Profiled – Facebook’s Chief Operating Office Sheryl Sandberg is profiled this week in Bloomberg Business week. The article describes how her steady leadership has helped Facebook monetize. It also mentions that she may be more conservative towards entering China than CEO Mark Zuckerberg. [Image via Facebook]

Facebook, Syria Butt HeadsFacebook shut down the Syrian military’s Page recently because it called for spamming of politically opposing Pages. Then it appeared the Syrian government tried to launch cyber, man-in-the-middle, attacks on Syrian Facebook users.

7.5M Facebook Users Under 13 – Facebook’s minimum 13 year age limit is being flaunted by 7.5 million users, according to a survey from Consumer Reports.

Facebook Reiterates How Developers Can Keep Users Safe – Following claims of new security risk, a post to the Facebook Developers Blog explained how developers can assist its efforts to protect users by acquiring an SSL certificate (which will be mandatory starting October 1st), reviewing the updated authentication and OAuth 2.0 guide, and complying with its Platform policies. It also mentioned that the company is working with other web giants including Google, web browser vendors and the National Institute of Standards and Technology on several web security initiatives.

Facebook Patents Info Sharing – A Facebook patent was published recently, the “Controlling Access of User Information Using Social-Networking Information” patent covers the degrees of separation between people controlling whether different social networks can access information from other networks.

LinkedIn to Raise $274M – LinkedIn is set to offer 7.84 million shares to the public to raise an estimated $274.4 million. The shares are priced between $32 and $35 dollars and LinkedIn will take $146.6 million of the money raised.

Facebook Makes Minor Changes to Promotion Guidelines – As of May 11th, promotions, contests, and sweepstakes on Facebook may no longer use the Like button, comments, or other Facebook features as voting mechanisms, impacting some developers such as Offerpop. Also, promotions may only include Facebook’s names, trademarks, etc in disclosures, not in contest instructions.

Winklevoss Twins Get Sued – In a twist of fate, the Winklevoss twins who have been suing Mark Zuckerberg for several years, are being sued by a software developer in Boston. Wayne Change wants a piece of the twins’ $65 million Facebook settlement for work he did for the twins’ original Facebook rival, ConnectU.

Facebook’s User Info Suit Continues – A lawsuit in which Facebook was accused of sharing user information with third-party advertisers was partially dismissed. The plaintiffs still have a chance to sue Facebook.

Airbnb Takes to Facebook – Airbnb, a global home rental service, implemented Facebook Connect, now allowing users to connect with people in their personal network when renting places to stay.

Claritics Raises $1.5M – Claritics, a startup providing self-serve social analytics tools for brands and game developers, raised $1.5 million in series A funding this week, to be used to develop its analytics suite, as well as sales and operational staff, according to TechCrunch.

BitTorrent Releases Personal Social File Sharing Channels – BitTorrent, developers of the popular file transfer protocol for the same name, has released the beta of its Project Chrysalis. It allows users to create a personal file sharing channel to which friends from Facebook can be invited to download files that exceed Facebook’s file size limit, such as home movies that are over 1024 MB.