Facebook Roundup: Renren IPO, Trademarks, Sprout Social, Advertising, College and More

Chinese Facebook, Renren, Planning IPO – A Chinese competitor to Facebook, Renren, is set for a $500 million IPO.

Sprout Social Raises $10M – Sprout Social, a Facebook community mangement company, raised $10 million from NEA, putting the company’s total valuation at $50 million.

Facebook’s Sandberg Named to Jobs Council – Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg was named with other tech chiefs to President Barack Obama’s council on jobs and competitiveness.

Facebook’s Early Advertising Data – Documents from Facebook’s early days, like really early when it was still TheFacebook, were released to TechCrunch this week. The information is interesting mostly in comparison to Facebook today. For example, only 800 schools were in the network then and there were only 2.7 million registered users.

Facebook Obtains Trademark for Zero – Facebook’s application to trademark its mobile site, Zero (0), was approved this week.

80% of Colleges Use Facebook for Recruiting – Kaplan Test Prep’s 2010 survey of college admissions officers has shown that 82% of respondents reported that Facebook is being used to recruit students.

Job Interviewer Asks for Facebook Login -The Maryland Department of Corrections requires applicants to submit social media logins and passwords for background checks, including Facebook.

News Web Site Moves to Facebook – Rockville Central, a community news web site based in Maryland, is set to move its entire operation from RockvilleCentral.com to its Facebook Page. About 1 in 10 of the hits for the site come from Facebook, and although advertising revenue will be lost with the move, those that run the site say there are other ways to generate revenue.