Facebook Roundup: Politico, NBC, CES

Facebook teams with Politico – Facebook’s data team is providing Politico with exclusive stats about conversation taking place on the social networking site about the Republican presidential primary candidates. Facebook will also survey voting-age users in South Carolina daily leading up to the primary there and share the results on Politico and the U.S. Politics on Facebook page.

NBC benefits from Facebook partnership – The NBC News/Facebook GOP Debate generated more than 45,000 comments, and viewers asked more than 4,500 questions on the “Meet the Press” Facebook debate tab, according to a note on the U.S. Politics on Facebook page. More than 124,000 people streamed the event live at 9 a.m. on Sunday. NBC saw more than 210,000 on-demand streams of the full debate later on Sunday and more than 860,000 total online streams in the past four days. The “Meet the Press” Facebook page had more than 130,000 views on Sunday.

Facebook employees speak at CES – Facebook product integrations were popular at the Consumer Electronic Show this year, but some Facebook employees got attention too. Facebook Vice President, Digital Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson served on the brand keynote panel on Wednesday. Matt Jacobson, Facebook’s head of market development, spoke as part of the “Masters of Film and Technology” panel. Both are available for streaming on Facebook. Everson’s talk can be viewed here, and Jacobson’s appearance is here.