Facebook Roundup: Palihapitiya Starts Fund, Safety, OnLive, PunchTab and More

Long-Time Facebook Exec Palihapitiya Leaving to Start Fund — He wasn’t just heading out the door for some frozen yogurt, he’s also starting a new fund called The Social+Capital Partnership. It will raise up to $400 million, and focus not just on investing in tech startups, but also health care, financial services and education, as TechCrunch reports. Palihapitiya joined Facebook in 2007, leading the platform in its early days as well as various monetization efforts, and has moved up within the company over the years — his current title is Vice President of Growth, Mobile and International, where he oversees growth initiatives, including mobile. The parting appears to be on a positive note, as Facebook says it is one of the investors in his fund.

Video: Facebook Safety Team – Facebook released a video this week highlighting the work of the company’s safety team.

OnLive Lets Users Play on Facebook – OnLive has created a universal wireless controller that, among other things, let users launch games from their own profile pages. The integration also allows users to use the “Brag Clip” option to share video uploads as Wall posts so your friends know when you’re playing.

PunchTab Raises $850K – PunchTab raised $850,000 this week from a varietiy of investors. The company allows publishers on the Facebook platform to award visitors points for checking into a site or blog daily, although doing so could be a violation of Facebook platform terms that prohibit developers from incentivizing users around core actions on the site.

A Look at Small Businesses on Facebook — Entrepreneur has a good run-down, here.

TrialPay Awarded Patents for “Alternative Payment Systems” – TrialPay has announced that it has been recently granted its fourth patent from the U.S. Patent Office. A list of their current patents can be found here.

Republican Candidate Pawlenty Using Sponsored Stories Ads — In a relatively sophisticated move, the former Minnesota governor has been using the Page Post type of Sponsored Stories ads on Facebook, as ClickZ details. It’s a relatively new format that so far has been yielding good results, according to Pawlenty-contracted agency Engage, who has been helping Pawlenty experiment with the encouragement of Facebook.

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