Facebook Roundup: Page Admin Changes, Procter & Gamble, FTC, Dave Morin, Zynga, KISSmetrics and Soccer

Page Admins See Insights Per Post – On Thursday Facebook introduced a new feature of admins of authentic Pages with a minimum of 10,000 fans: per post insights. The feature gave administrators insight into the number of raw impressions produced by their posts. The company has since clarified what “impressions” means — an impression is not the number of users who have seen the post, but rather measures the number of times the post has been render on users’ browsers. In other words, the number of times a post appeared in a user’s news feed, lived feed, directly from the Page or via a fan box widget (including the post showing up below the fold). This feature is aimed at helping page admins better target their content. Other features that went live this week included the number of likes and comments per impression and Facebook asking admins to identify themselves by industry.

Procter & Gamble ‘Bullish’ on Facebook – Reporting on Procter & Gamble’s Innovation Outreach Venturing Day, David Hornik wrote Friday that the company owning 32 brands with more than half a billion in annual revenue, 135,000 full-time employees and $80 billion in revenue last year has a keen interest in Facebook. P&G is “bullish” on Facebook, currently has more than a dozen social media platforms in trial and wants to establish a “significant” presence on the social network. The company’s goal in 2010 is to ensure that each of their brands has a “meaningful” presence on Facebook, something they’re willing to “pay dearly” for, as the company sees Facebook as a “must-have” for brand building.

Facebook’s Dave Morin Leaves – In a blog post Friday Facebook’s Dave Morin announced that he will be leaving the company to partner with his friend and Shawn Fanning, of Napster fame, to build a new company. Morin had worked on developing the Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect, and his post he said he longed “to build a new company and to become part of the Facebook Connect community on the other side.” [photo via davemorin.tumblr.com]

FTC Has ‘Interest’ in Facebook’s Privacy Changes – The Federal Trade Commission responded to an Electronic Privacy Information Center-led complaint against Facebook’s new privacy changes January 14. FTC’s Burea of Consumer Protection head David Vladeck noted in a letter that the “complaint raises issues of particular interest for us at this time.” Vladeck also noted in the letter that he’s asked for a follow-up meeting with the EPIC. What that means in specific terms is unclear because the FTC doesn’t release investigative findings until a formal complaint is issued or an investigation is conducted.

Facebook Valued at $14 Billion – Facebook is worth $14 billion, if you use figures from SecondMarket, where offers to buy Facebook common stock rose to $32 per share this week. In December of 2009 that number was $25 per share, which would’ve given the company an $11 billion value.

KISSmetrics’ Best Design Practices for Facebook Connect – Ryan Spoon shared a presentation from the Dogpatch Labs/Facebook Connect event this past week that highlighted two important points: think about your users (not pageviews or actions) and the importance of “Test. Iterate.” The slideshow, from analytics services company KISSmetrics, is available at the link.

UK’s Manchester United Bans Players From Facebook – Football Club Manchester United banned its players from using Facebook and Twitter this week issuing a statement on its web site: “The club wishes to make it clear that no Manchester United players maintain personal profiles on social networking website. Fans encountering any web pages purporting to be written by United players should treat them with extreme scepticism (sic). Any official news relating to Manchester United or its players will be communicated via ManUtd.com.” Reportedly the Twitter accounts of some players were removed and the Facebook accounts of Wes Brown, Rio Ferdinand and Ryan Giggs were taken down.

TBG’s Two New Hires Mark U.S. Growth – Digital Advertising Agency TBG London hired two new managers this week as part of the company’s increased presence in the U.S. Rory Park, who previously served as CFO at Billetts, will serve as the new commercial director and Lee Griffin, previously the international publisher director of TradeDoubler, as the business development director.