Facebook Roundup: Nielsen, Ping, Zuckerberg, Facebook Phone, Data, Microsoft, Security and India

Facebook, Apple Will Work on PingFacebook CTO Bret Taylor said this week that, eventually, the company will figure out a way to work with Apple on its social music network Ping, even though the companies have failed to work out a deal to date.

$100M Donation in Facebook Shares – We wrote last week about a $100 million donation Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made to the school system in Newark, New Jersey but the details of exactly how he’ll pony up the money were still fuzzy. The New York Times reports that Zuckerberg is going to donate $100 million worth of Facebook shares to a foundation he started, Startup: Education, which will sell the shares in the secondary market. Details are still fuzzy, though, such as how much the shares are worth and whether it will mean a Facebook IPO sooner than anticipated.

More Facebook Phone Info – Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg commented on the Facebook phone this week. We wrote about it previously. Caroline McCarthy wrote about Sandberg’s comments, “We want to make Facebook available everywhere on every device. That’s actually complicated in a world of so many cell phones, so many mobile operators.” McCarthy points out that this means Facebook is actively talking to carriers and phone manufacturers, perhaps trying to make more than one phone. More at the link.

‘The Social Network’ Advertising on MySpace – Apparently advertising for the new Facebook drama “The Social Network” has been pretty heavy on MySpace. The ads have also appeared on major newspaper websites like The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. The ones on MySpace kind of take the circuitous route to getting to Facebook, though, Ryan Spoon wrote that the Facebook-like ads take you to the movie’s web site and then list the Facebook share option last. The movie opens in the US today.

All About Facebook’s Data Centers – Data Knowledge Center put together a pretty comprehensive FAQ about Facebook’s data centers. Some tid bits include: 690 billion page views each month, 9.5% of all Internet traffic, 9 data centers in the U.S. (in the Bay Area and Virginia). More at the link.

Microsoft Calls Facebook ‘A Competitor’ – Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer told The Seattle Times this week that he considers Facebook a “competitor” — despite a growing partnership with the social network. To quote, “We partner with Facebook, but we also compete in some dimensions with them.”

Facebook Security Details – Facebook’s Anti-Malware team leader Nick Bilogorskiy shared some details about the company’s fight against cybercrime. A few of note: people spend 23 billion minutes on Facebook daily and Koobface worm hackers made $35,000 a week during their 2009 scam.

What’s Legally Discoverable on Facebook? – Interesting post on what information is discoverable, or usable as evidence for lawsuits, on Facebook. Eric Goldman writes about a recent case which granted access to a woman’s non-public Facebook posts to the opposing counsel — including information she had deleted.

Gawker’s Denton: Facebook Beats Twitter – Nick Denton said this week that Facebook is the best social network to drive news traffic for his Gawker empire. Twitter he called a “closed, elite audience” that wasn’t “mainstream enough.” Facebook has set some of Gawkers’ posts up five-fold, inspiring him to toy with the idea of a Facebook edition.

U.S. Govt Wants Facebook Info – The New York Times reported this week that the Obama Administration is going after the ability to tap into encrypted mobile and email systems. This would include social networks like Facebook.

Facebook in India – Facebook opened its India offices in Hyderabad recently and Wildfire is behind a contest to celebrate its launch. The winner of the contest will paint a mural on the wall of the office, and a $2,000 prize; artists have until Oct. 22 to submit samples of their work. In other Facebook/India news, Facebook has now added location-based targeting to its Facebook ads in India.