Facebook Roundup: Microsoft, Google, Politics, Diaspora, Photos, Data Center, Mobile, Places and Much More

Facebook Growing as Video Referral Agent – Facebook is quickly growing as the top source of video referrals. Google accounts for 64% of these, Yahoo 11.9% and Facebook at 4.3%. The referral traffic for Facebook is growing an average of 48% a month.

Diaspora, Facebook Alternative, Out – Diaspora, the purported alternative to Facebook we previously wrote about, released its first batch of source code this week. The company made sure to note the caveat that Diaspora is a work in progress, as others observed.

Facebook Is Spending $50M on Data Centers – Facebook spends about $50 million a year leasing data center space, according to Data Center Knowledge. The $180-215 million Prineville, Ore. data center the company is building will allow them to reduce those expenses.

Facebook Hires Google Ad Exec – This week Facebook hired Emily White, formerly an ad sales and operations executive at Google.

DST Changes Name to Mail.Ru Group – The Russian Facebook investor Digital Sky Technologies (DST) changed its name to Mail.ru Group.

Facebook, Microsoft May Up the Ante – Facebook and Microsoft are contemplating tightening their business collaboration, according to AllThingsD. Specifically, this new agreement would allow for Microsoft’s Bing search engine to “mine anonimized data from consumer usage of the social networking site’s recently introduced Like buttons.”

More Facebook Fans May Help Politicos Win?CNN stopped short of making a causal connection between having more fans on Facebook and winning elections after this week’s primary elections, barely. In elections around the country, those candidates with more Facebook fans beat out candidates who didn’t have as many, it noted in a report. We’ve written about Facebook’s role in elections worldwide and in the U.S. previously, but it seems logical that the more popular candidate is more likely to win an election, and popularity these days is likely to mean a greater number of Facebook fans. It’s not yet clear if Facebook helps candidates win, or if popular or media-savvy candidates just happen to get big on Facebook as part of their surge to victory, or if there’s some other combination of explanations.

Appbistro Steps in Where Facebook Left Off with Places – Facebook’s Places location service launched recently but still has a long way to go, so, Appbistro has stepped in to help. The Facebook app marketplace has created a new section for apps using Places, something TechCrunch points out is still not available in the official Facebook app directory.

Facebook iPad App Coming Soon – The makers of an unofficial iPad Facebook app, Oecoway, told Business Insider that the official Facebook app was coming soon.

Nokia Integrates Facebook – Nokia announced a Facebook integration with its new version of Ovi Maps software built into every phone. The Check-in service supports Facebook Places, but not Foursquare.

Places Didn’t Cause Burglaries – Unsurprisingly, Jeff Jarvis’ look into whether Places actually caused or had anything to do with burglaries this week revealed that it did not. Turns out of two Facebook-related crimes, the perpetrators were Facebook friends with the victims and thus had access to tons of personal information, so Places had no bearing on the burglaries at all — the real-life friendships did.

Facebook Testing New Search – Facebook is currently testing an unfiltered version of its search, with zero filters.

BranchOut Raises $6M – Branchout, a career app we wrote about previously, raised $6 million from Accel Partners this week.

Get Satisfaction Raises $6M – Get Satisfaction, a customer service startup, raised $6 million in Series A funding this week, from Azure Capital Partners, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and First Round Capital.

Facebook Prompts Photo Tags – Facebook is now prompting users to tag people as they browse photos on the site.

Hunch Launches Facebook Game – Hunch, which provides users with recommendations on a variety of things, launched a Facebook game which guesses your answers to questions on a variety of topics with scary accuracy.

Analyze Your Post Metrics with Status Analyzer – A new app allows users to analyze their post metrics by finding out how much their friends are interacting with their posts. After installing the app users are presented with a graph that shows them how many updates they’ve posted, how many were commented upon, the number of comments, the number of updates liked and how many updates were ignored and an average number of reactions per update.

More Facebook Founding Fodder – There was some more Facebook founding-related revelations this week. In a New Yorker interview, CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted to having called mocked the first Harvard University users of what would eventually become Facebook for trusting him with their information. The Winklevoss twins who sued Zuckerberg, responded to the profile and the upcoming film.

The Social Network Getting Strong Reviews – However exaggerated the unauthorized movie is, critics are loving it — if for the quality of the storytelling, if nothing else. The latest reviewer, Caroline McCathy at CNET, notes the parallels between the plot and classic archetypes: “So we have our creation myth, one about a company that continues to rapidly grow and change and alter the world around it while still generating an unheard-of sense of permanence and public narrative. And we have our Hermes in Zuckerberg….” The movie comes to theaters on October 1st.

GM’s OnStar Facebook App Launches – We wrote earlier about General Motors’ plans for a Facebook integration allowing owners of cars with the OnStar service to update statuses and messages with voice commands. The integration is now becoming available, although no word on whether it will include Places or other interesting potential integrations.