Facebook Roundup: Localeze, Videos, Virtual Goods, Privacy, Amazon, TiVo and More

Like Button Boosts Blog Traffic – Six Apart’s blog platform, TypePad, reported this week that the installation of Facebook’s new Like Button boosted bloggers’ referral traffic by up to 50%. Adding the Like button for the post footer, which gave users the chance to Like and share on Facebook, boosted traffic for some up to 200%.

Facebook, Localeze, Localization – Facebook may have struck a deal with Localeze, right after the company premiered Twitter Places with Twitter to add venues to geolocation updates. Localize, a business listing service,  counts 14 million businesses and Facebook, fresh off its recent location partnership with McDonald’s, wants to use the data for “some new kind of fan pages for places, that businesses will be able to then claim on the network.”

Facebook Users Like Videos – Facebook has the fifth largest video site audience, counting 41 million people, which is more than Hulu, CBS or Microsoft. Facebook video viewers watch longer than other sites and more video ads (40%) are watched in their entirety than on other sites (25% on the web).

Amazon Patents ‘Social Network’ – Amazon has been awarded a patent for a “social networking system” to do things similar to what Facebook and other social networks are already doing, such as “locating, and establishing contacts with, other users.”

More Facebook Privacy, Instant Personalization Worries – Privacy advocates are still on Facebook about its instant personalization and privacy issues; this week the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, among others, sent Mark Zuckerberg a letter urging him to make the instant personalization program opt-in by default. Facebook’s Andrew Noyes responded that the company is testing SSL access, has been praised for privacy sensitivity and also that the instant personalization program is misunderstood.

TiVo Users Can Update Facebook – Users of TiVo may now access Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Digg, RSS and other updates through a new widget that Framechannel has created. Synching the DVR device with a users’ social network accounts allows for the updates.

New York Goes After Facebook Child Porn – Facebook and New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced an initiative to fight child pornography this week; although Facebook already blocks child porn, a new database is set to increase protection against the offensive content by using a strategy similar to music piracy efforts. Facebook, MySpace and other social networks will identify offensive images by their hash values, or “digital fingerprints,” and block them from being uploaded.

[Cuomo photo via NY Attorney General’s Office]

25% of People Dumped on Facebook – SNAP Interactive released some interesting, if distressing, news this week: 25% of people who date online have been dumped via Facebook. That is to say, they, they found out about the end of a relationship via Facebook; part of online dating’s appeal, apparently, is avoiding the face-to-face confrontation involve with breakups. More stats: 21% said they’d break up with someone by changing their relationship status to single; 40% updated their status so others see they have plans; 35% changed a status to allude to plans, even if they didn’t have any and respondents broke down 70% male to 30% female.

North Social Does Facebook For Brands – North Social is a Facebook platform that aims to help small, medium and large businesses better manage their Facebook presence by allowing users to creating photo showcases, landing pages, e-commerce sites, coupons and sweepstakes for a starting subscription of $29 a month.

Pakistani Law Goes After Zuckerberg – Pakistan’s Deputy Attorney General has begun a criminal investigation into Mark Zuckerberg in response to the “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” Facebook fiasco in May. The legal proceedings began when attorney Muhammad Azhar Siddique filed an application for a First Information Report (FIR) against Facebook for use of derogatory remarks against Islam’s prophet Muhammad (some Muslims believe depicting Muhammad is blasphemous), the FIR has purportedly gone through and the penal code allows for punishment by death.