Facebook Roundup: Loading Time, HuffPo, Congress, Facebook Movie, Hyundai and More

Facebook Site Loads Fastest – Facebook’s home page loads faster than all other social networking sites, according to a recent survey from AlertSite. Between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 Facebook’s home page loaded at an average rate of 1.06 seconds. YouTube followed, then LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace. [Image via AlertSite]

Huffington Post Adds New Facebook Integration – The Huffington Post has implemented a beta trial of a new social feature called Stories You Might Like. Different than popular social news integrations which base suggestions off of the activity of friends, Stories You Might Like pulls a user’s own Likes from Facebook Connect to give recommendations about stories on those and similar topics. The feature appears in a sidebar panel of the Huffington Post home page. Currently the suggestions are rather inaccurate, but with time the integration could create an improved news reading experience for those who don’t have similar interests to their friends.

MySpace Set to Layoff 50% of Staff – AllThingsD reports this week that MySpace is set to layoff as much as 50% of its 1,100 employees in the U.S. and abroad in an effort to wring profits from falling revenues.

‘The Social Network’ Still Going Strong – The Facebook movie, also known as “The Social Network,” has won all kinds of awards during the awards show season but as Oscar season nears, Sony Pictures is busy promoting the movie. The film has already made $93 million in the U.S. and $104 abroad, but Sony Pictures is re-releasing the movie in 600 theaters in the U.S. today and launching the DVD on January 11 with 8 hours of bonus features.

Congress Livestreamed on Facebook for First Time – Congress broadcast live on Facebook for the first time Wednesday, as Congress’ first convening of 2011 was livestreamed to the Republican Congress’ Pledge to America Page.

Tunisian Govt Hacks Facebook – The Committee to Protect Journalists reported that the government in Tunisia has been “modifying web pages on the fly to steal usernames and passwords for sites such as Facebook.” Consequently, groups, Pages and profiles are deleted, including those used by journalists and bloggers in that country.

Doctors Consider Friending Patients on Facebook – A French report surveyed 405 residents and fellows at a hospital there to find that the majority of doctors have profiles with their real information on Facebook. Most, 85%, would automatically decline a friend request from a patient, 15% would consider it and 6% had received a request and 4% accepted them.

Hyundai’s Blue Link Updates Location on Facebook – Hyundai has installed a new service for its cars, Blue Link, which promises to enable location sharing through Facebook.