Facebook Roundup: Advertising, Privacy Legislation, Places, The Queen and More

Facebook Top Online Display Advertiser – ComScore released online display advertising numbers for the third quarter and announced Facebook was in first place. There were 1.3 trillion display ads in the third quarter, Facebook took 23% of that with 297 billion impressions. Yahoo, Microsoft, Fox and Google followed, in order.

Obama to Move Online Privacy Legislation – The Wall Street Journal reports that the Obama administration is set to call for the creation of laws, a new governmental watchdog position, a task force and other initiatives to police online privacy and companies like Facebook.

Facebook, Congress and Privacy – We recently wrote an extensive piece about whether the U.S. Congress would act on privacy legislation concerning companies like Facebook. In a C-Span interview, the would-be chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) says he would be willing to legislate on privacy and wants Facebook representatives to testify on the same issue.

Firing Over Facebook Update – The National Labor Relations Board in the U.S. filed a complaint against a company for firing an employee after she complained about her boss on Facebook. The bigger point is that this case might give broader protections to what employees can say about their jobs on Facebook.

Facebook Lures Foursquare Engineer – Facebook has lured Foursquare engineer Nathan Folkman away from the location service. Could he be leaving Foursquare to work on Facebook’s location service, Places? [Image via Nan Palmero]

ConnectU Loses Case – ConnectU wanted to stay its $65 million award from Facebook while it challenged the settlement, but, a New York state judge confirmed a $13 million payment ConnectU owed to its law firm, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP, effectively ending that effort.

BraveNewTalent Connects, Protects Facebook Users – BraveNewTalent recently launched a Facebook app to help users find jobs, but the app also protects users’ privacy. The app only allows employers on Facebook to see education, work history and current employer, not their photos or other information.

Backupify Announces Backup for Facebook Pages – Backupify, a provider of online backup, just released a backup/archive product for Facebook Fan Pages that includes data from News Feeds, Wall posts, photo albums and messages.

Divorce Lawyers Like Facebook – Facebook has become the primary source for compromising information in divorce cases, according to a recent survey of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. Particularly pertinent information includes “contradictions to previously made statements and promises.”

LivingSocial Launches Escapes – As we previously reported, LivingSocial acquired Urban Escapes trip planning last month. This week LivingSocial announced its new curated travel experiences service, LivingSocial Escapes, according to a press release. In October CEO Tim O’Shaughnessy told us the companies would initially work together, and then, grow trips into LivingSocial’s existing markets.

Context Optional Releases Open AppsContext Optional announced the release of an addition to its enterprise-level social marketing suite that now includes Open Apps, which allows users to create and implement social apps on any web site, according to a press release.

Life As Told By Facebook – An interesting and short video playing the life of a twentysomething man as he goes through a series of relationships, gets married, has children and ages as told by his Facebook Wall.

British Monarchy On Facebook – The British Monarchy launched a Facebook Page earlier this week, it’s grown to 232,000 Likes, includes photos, video and other information, and fans have already started trashing the family on the Wall.

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