Facebook rolls out user Timeline redesign including new sections for movies, books, apps and more

Facebook today announced a wide rollout of a Timeline redesign some users got access to last month.

The new layout puts a user’s posts and life events on the right, and their About info and app activity on the left. This reduces the need for users to look back and forth between two columns to read posts on their page. The About page now gives users more options to show off their favorite movies, books and music, as well as their fitness activity and other stories they’ve shared through Open Graph apps.

No change is being made to business or fan pages today.

As we wrote about last week, users can now choose which apps and content types appear on their page and choose the order in which they appear by using the edit icon in the corner. The About page is one long page that they and friends can scroll through or jump to specific sections by clicking on titles in the bar across the top of the page.

Sections for Open Graph apps summarize user activity in a visual format similar to how these items appear in News Feed. Sections for movies, books, music and other content include new “Want to Watch,” “Want to Read” and “Listen Later” lists. From the “Want to Watch” section, for example, users will see suggestions for shows to add and have the option to type in their own list. This could encourage users to add more intent-based information to Facebook, which could be used for ad targeting. It may also help users discover content through their friends. Users can also share what they’ve already watched, which gives them the option to share that they’ve seen a film without Liking the page.

Users can also add third-party apps to their About section. Previously, users could add apps to their Timeline and see aggregations of their activity over time, but few users seemed to know this option existed. Now with the option to highlight app modules within their About page, users may find more value in Open Graph apps and developers could find that more of a user’s friends discover their apps because of it. This would better achieve Facebook’s goal of enabling Open Graph apps to help users tell the story of their lives.

These sections are also now available on the mobile version of users’ Timelines.

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