Facebook rolls out ‘Promoted Page Likes’ for page owners to create fast ads

Facebook today announced the global rollout of “Promoted Page Likes,” a feature similar to Promoted Posts but aimed at helping page owners get new fans without having to use the more complicated ad dashboard.

All pages with a location and profile picture will now have the “promote page” option in their admin panel. This was previously in beta for some users in the U.S. From here, Page owners can select a daily budget based on how many people they want to reach. Like Promoted Posts, these ads are bought with a preset price rather than on a cost per click basis. Page owners can narrow down their audience by country, state or city.

This action actually creates three different types of Facebook ads: a standard Marketplace ad that appears in the desktop sidebar, Page Like Sponsored Stories that appear in the desktop and mobile feed, and standard Page Like ads which will appear in the feed on desktop and mobile. These are all meant to drive new Likes of the page so they simply include the page name, photo, description and Like button.

On the other hand, Promoted Posts are used mainly to reach a page’s existing fans and friends of fans, and these can include a photo, video, link, poll or other content, so they generally garner engagement rather than page Likes.

Promoted Page Likes first became available to U.S. businesses in December 2012. The feature is aimed at small- to mid-sized businesses that are using Facebook for marketing, but don’t necessarily have the resources to work with a Facebook ad rep or third-party partner and don’t have the time to invest in mastering the ad platform themselves. Promoted Posts have already been a successful way to help SMBs get their messages into the News Feed. Now they’ll have an equally easy way to create ads that bring in more page Likes.

Advertisers should be aware that unlike with Facebook’s other ad products, these ads will continue to run until an admin manually stops the campaign.

Find out more about Promoted Page Likes here and in the Facebook Help Center.