Facebook Rolls Out New iPhone App

Last night Facebook rolled out their highly anticipated new iPhone application and with it a whole slew of new features. Some of the new features includes:

  • Access to a complete newsfeed duplicating the functionality currently available on the site. This includes feed item commenting which makes this a mobile competitor to FriendFeed,
  • Access to all messages in your inbox,
  • Full-access to notifications,
  • Tabbed profile design with wall, info, and photos, and
  • Search of other users outside of your friends with the ability to request new friendships.

These updates and others bring the majority of Facebook’s functionality to the iPhone. When it comes to mobile social networks, Facebook is proving that they are keeping on the edge with features galore to keep users happy. I for one might start using my iPhone again (instead of my Blackberry) with this new application.

It will be interesting to see if Facebook continues updating their applications on other mobile platforms including Blackberry and Palm or if they decide to put the majority of their efforts into the iPhone. The is a welcomed update and I look forward to what features the company plans on rolling out in the near future.

One thing that I’m most definitely waiting on is the addition of iPhone notifications so that instant messages within Facebook as well as messages in general can provide pop-up notifications. This is much easier then forcing me to open up the application every time I want to check my messages.

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