Facebook Turns On Live Updates in the Home Page Stream

Since Facebook rolled out the new home page stream a few weeks ago, one of the most common requests from users has been to make the stream truly “live.” Today, Facebook has just starting rolling out an update to the stream with live in-line updates in near real time.

Now, the stream shows the number of new posts that have been shared since the Facebook home page was loaded at the top of the page just below the Publisher. See “Show 2 New Posts” in the screenshot below:

You can then click the number to expand the prompt and see the new posts in line.

“Live updating for the stream was one of the most common requests we received for the home page,” Facebook’s Adam Hupp said.

Shortly after the new home page launched, Facebook made several usability enhancements to the stream, including better filters, better highlights, moving friend requests back to the top of the right column, and easier friend list management. The company said at the time that the live stream would come “soon.”

Last week, Facebook announced new Stream APIs, enabling developers to integrate the Facebook stream outside Facebook.com. We would expect Facebook to enable real-time stream notifications for developers in the future too.