Facebook Rolling Out Inbox Search

It’s official. This is some really big news and it is much anticipated news as well. Facebook is preparing to launch search for the inbox in the coming month. According to Prashant Malik:

This month, we’re rolling out Inbox search, a tool which allows you to search through all of your messages either by name of the person who sent it, or by a keyword that shows up in the text. Ever had a friend send you a Facebook message suggesting a good restaurant? Or maybe you were sent an address or phone number of an old friend. Then time passes and your Inbox fills up, and by the time you’re ready to go out to eat with your old friend you have to page through hundreds of Facebook messages to find the one you need. Inbox Search aims to fix this problem.

Search will be available this week to a few select networks (mostly Ivy leagues if they roll it out the same as before). There are no screen shots of what the search will look like but this will be a highly welcomed feature by most users. I for one am extremely thankful that this feature is finally being rolled out. I’m curious as to what types of sorting features Facebook will add. No matter what the sorting features are, I am extremely excited to see this finally rolled out!

According to other reports there are no sorting features currently! This is some bad news but at least the search is being added. I hope they add search soon after!

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