Facebook rolling out games section of Timeline

Facebook is adding a new section to users’ About pages on their Timeline that showcases the social games they play.

The games section is similar to the movies, books, TV and music sections launched with the latest profile redesign earlier this month. It displays the games users have recently played and all those that they’ve Liked. Users can customize the order of their About page to feature games more prominently near the top or hide it completely.

However, unlike those other sections for entertainment, the games section does not include a list of games users “want to play.”

Facebook says the games section will appear for users who have played at least one social game in the last 30 days or who have Liked a game’s fan page.

Developers do not need to make any code changes for their games to appear in this section. However, they can create custom “collections,” standalone sections for their app so that users can highlight their achievements in a particular game. This requires some configuration and approval by Facebook. Here is a non-game example from Foursquare:

Previously, Facebook allowed users to sort their Timeline by games-only activity, which would show summaries about the games they played, levels they passed or virtual goods they collected, for example. This option wasn’t easily discoverable and likely didn’t help drive traffic to games. Facebook also occasionally displayed a “games report” module directly on Timeline, but users couldn’t control where it appeared on their profile or if it showed up at all. The new games and app collections seemed aimed at giving users more options to show off what is most important to them and increase app discovery with more compelling images and easier-to-find modules.

Earlier this week Facebook announced that more than 250 million people are playing games on the social network every month. The company says game installs on the web platform are up 75 percent from where they were in March 2012.