Facebook reveals ad unit improvements, will phase out Questions and Offers products

Facebook has announced plans of streamlining its ad products by simplifying its offerings. From these changes, users will see a more standard set of ads, as the social network intends to reduce its 27 different ad units to less than half of that in the next six months.

In efforts to improve the ad creation process, Facebook plans on changing the way advertisers reach users. It has also revealed plans of removing both the Questions and Offers products from pages. For Questions, Facebook offers the advice to simply ask the question in the post and allowing users to reply as a comment. For Offers, the social network found that page post ads were more effective at driving sales to a business’s website. It will begin shifting from these ad types starting in July.

By reducing the number of ad units, Facebook will make its ad units more consistent across all types. It will also enable Sponsored Stories for all ads automatically. Previously, advertisers had to purchase sponsored stories separately.

By simplifying the ad creation process and ad types, Facebook looks to be making a push in getting more page managers to become ad buyers regardless of their expertise. The easier it is to create ads and the easier it is for the uninformed to understand how to measure their results, the higher potential for page managers to purchase ads. It also makes it easier for users as they find familiar ad units easier to understand and engage with.

Facebook’s proposed elimination of its Offers product comes at a surprise since it introduced a new look for offer emails just last week. It may be removing the ad type, but it is possible it will still use offers in some capacity in the future.