Facebook Resumes Tests Of Memorable Status Updates

Facebook appears to be testing a reincarnation of memorable stories, now labeled as status updates.

Facebook appears to be testing a reincarnation of memorable stories, which appeared a couple of times on the site and then disappeared.

The feature first showed up on December 16 for only about an hour, came back on January 12 and vanished at some point thereafter.
Now it’s back and this time around, the feature has the label memorable status updates, and instead of showing you some of your own content, instead you see something from one of your friends.
The module shows up in the right-hand column of the page, and not in a news feed. If there’s a schema to when these suggestions of past status updates appear, I couldn’t deduce it.
But when I actually searched for the keywords “memorable status updates,” I only saw the feature maybe one tenth of the times I re-inputted the query.
And each time it showed up, the number of status updates included changed. Plus each set would show multiple posts by the same person. And Facebook only chose one of four friends every time I saw the memorable status updates feature. (Yeah, I tested this a lot.)
And perhaps I got an odd selection, but relative to each friend shown, the status updates weren’t the ones they’d consider most memorable. And they weren’t ones that got the most likes nor comments.
This suggests that Facebook might just be testing the feature in different variations to see what might work or not.
Readers, have you seen memorable status updates show in the right-hand column of your screen on Facebook?
Special thanks to Eti Suruzon for the tip.