Facebook Restores Profile Boxes Temporarily

This morning many Facebook users were shocked to find that their profile boxes had disappeared completely. While some users are hailing the return of the boxes to their profiles as a victory for those who spoke out against the change, Facebook has confirmed that the change is temporary. Profile boxes will be removed shortly, and next time it will be permanent. For those who want their profile boxes back, you’ll have to continue protesting as Facebook has no intent to keep the boxes within profiles for an extended period of time.

This morning we first covered the removal of profile boxes and as many comment illustrated, there were some users who were extremely passionate about their profile boxes. While some developers are frustrated with the change, such as many of the Facebook layout applications, Facebook continues to allow developers to integrate their applications within profile tabs. This is the last profile integration point for developers.
Once littered with applications, Facebook profiles have gone through a design shift which push most applications off the profile completely and limit most of the exposure to the stream. For now, users can enjoy the temporary return of the profile boxes, however it will not be a permanent change.