Facebook “Restores” Bookmark for Marketplace Application for Many Users

Just under a month after Oodle launched “Facebook Marketplace 2.0,” Facebook is kicking in some special marketing treatment to boost traffic to the app. Over the last couple of days, many users have noticed that the Marketplace application bookmark has appeared on their menu bar, despite having not placed it there themselves.

Today, Facebook confirmed that it had “restored” the Marketplace bookmark for users “who either previously used the original application or had a bookmark to it.” Facebook wouldn’t say exactly how many users that was, but we would estimate it in the low to mid tens of millions.

While Facebook and Oodle have not disclosed the terms of the deal that brought Marketplace to Oodle, signs point to a revenue sharing agreement as the Marketplace service grows. Currently, the Marketplace app has about 2.2 million monthly active users.

This is the first time we’ve seen special treatment for partner applications in a while. Last year, Facebook gave prominent home page promotional placement and sent Facebook messages to many users regarding the CBS Sports college basketball bracket application. However, there was no special promotion for the CBS Sports bracket game this year.

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