Watch Out! Facebook Gets Pushy With Social Media

The Politics and Government team at Facebook has big plans for several workshops and meetings to make both Party conventions more social media-friendly.

An “Apps & Drinks” event will be held at each convention for journalists and other invited guests to mingle with Facebook application developers. Creators of election-related apps will be on hand offering demonstrations and answering questions about their products.

While we’re talking about apps, Facebook will partner with CNN to plan a demonstration of their “I’m Voting” application, which allows Facebook users to show do obnoxious things like publicly announce that they’re voting and declare their support for specific candidates.

On the Monday of each convention (Aug. 27 for the RNC, Sep. 3 for the DNC) Facebook will be partnering with NJ, The Atlantic and CBS News to host forums exploring social media and the impact its had on the 2012 election.

Facebook also plans to honor Legislators deemed “pro-technology” with events at both conventions.

Lastly, look out: Any photos or content uploaded to Facebook by convention-goers may be curated by the Politics and Government team to share with the world at large, rather than just your friends.

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